Clap Monkey

Like a Rocket Named to 2018 Top 10 List

Review from Middle Tennessee Music - Rock & Roll Goodness


"Like A Rocket is nothing short of a rockin’ and rollin’ great time. You can imagine the guys playing their hearts and souls out as you listen through the album. Each track delivers a potent blend of easily memorable guitar riffs and enough energy to get you off your feet and pumping fists in the air...

I’m not able to choose a favorite song but Like A Rocket is best enjoyed from beginning to end, turned up to 12, with your favorite air instrument close by for those moments you are unable to stop yourself from grabbing it and jamming along.

Clap Monkey knows how to rock!" - Joshua Smotherman



Review from Indie Band Guru

Review from Ark of Music - "The Black Keys meet ZZ Top"


Great review from Ark of Music for Like a Rocket!

"Clap Monkey’s debut album, Like A Rocket, is deliciously minimalist rock’n’roll with hints of punk, swing, 50’s, classic rock and blues. Guitar riff after guitar riff pay homage to classics such as ZZ Top, while also adding new and modern effects, and a raw, authentic energy. The writing is not only catchy and clever, but also intelligent—and dare I say—inspired. Vocally, both Mullins and Neff present with veteran timbres well within their respective wheelhouses. All in all, the project is wildly entertaining and wholly worth your time. The Black Keys meet ZZ Top." - The Ark of Music


Like a Rocket - Clap Monkey debut record out April 13, 2018


The debut release from Clap Monkey, Like a Rocket, will be available on April 13, 2018. It can be found on all major digital outlets, and CDs can be ordered by contacting the band through the website.

More info on the details of the record to be released soon.


Recording on debut Clap Monkey record is complete


Working with engineer extraordinaire Jason Merritt, Clap Monkey wrapped up recording sessions on their debut record last week. Thirteen tracks were recorded, mostly at Electric Monkeyland (secret Clap Monkey studio), with Jeff pounding the drums as well as adding some backing vocals and lead guitar parts to a few songs.

The tracks are in the process of being mixed, so it won't be long before a target release date is announced. Stay tuned